VEF Perkons


VEF Perkons
VEF Perkons

This model was produced by VEF (Valsts elektrotechniskā fabrika, Nation Electrotechnical Factory) in Riga, Latvia from 1923. At the time Latvia only recently gained independence from the Russia. VEF started producing telephones for and at the request of the PTDGD, the Latvian Post and Telegraph Department main workshop, the national telephone authority.

The design is heavily inspired by German telephones of the time, especially the ZBSA 19 and ZBSA 24. The dial mechanism is a copy of a design also used by Merk, TEFAG and Fuld on their telephones (not sure where the design originated) although the Latvian version is simplified. It was in production until the late 30s, when VEF started to produce the BAGTA.

The phone is entirely made of metal, with a bakelite cap over the receiver. Some have an old style speaking tube, but the one in the pictures has a brass cap over the transmitter.
Bells are on the underside, most components are mounted on the base, with the dial mounted on the front panel which hinges open.


I could not find any type designation on this model. I did however find the name Perkons inside. Perkons means thunder, or thunderclap but is also the Baltic god of thunder. Before VEF the company was called Union and used the brand name Perkons. But this was before this phone entered production.
Some Latvian sites refer to this model as Perkons and the name is printed on the label inside. So for now I will use the name Perkons for this model.[:]

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