FATME DBHF 181 sideview

FATME (Fabbrica Apparecchiature Telefoniche e Materiale Elettrico) in Rome produced their version of this Ericsson design for the Italian market. FATME was part owned by Ericsson.

This particular phone was made in 1961. Like the Dutch Ericsson type 1951 this is a development of the Ericsson DBH15, which came out in 1947. FATME made these in black, white, green and red. At this time I am not aware of any other colours.

FATME DBHF 181 replacement window

In 2023 I was able to find this stunning red one for a very affordable price. Did need some work though. Number card window was missing. So I took a white one I had and painted it in a matching colour and made a card for the window. Also a tab on the mouth piece had broken off, so I repaired that.

Needed a good clean and polish and I made new cords because the ones on the phone were stiff, dirty, probably not original and somebody botched the wires in the handset.

FATME DBHF 181 diagram
FATME DBHF 181 diagram

Also the plug was damaged because of clumsy packaging. Fortunately I had a spare one, a proper on from Italy too.

Only my second red phone in bakelite (not real bakelite, but similar material).

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