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One of the most enjoyable aspects of my telephone addiction is restoring and repairing. I have not had any formal training in that. I have taught everything myself. Of course I have made good use of descriptions and information by others.

I have restored between 150 and 200 telephones through the years. Some have only been polished, cleaned and have gotten some technical maintenance. Others have been disassembled down to the last nut and bolt and sometimes I have fabricated parts myself.

What is restoring?

In my case it means cleaning, polishing and returning the telephone to a working and usable condition.

I think it is important to keep the telephones I restore as original as possible.

How deep a restoration goes, depends on the telephone in question. Is the telephone damaged and how badly? Does it have an historical or sentimental value? Is there much corrosion? Does it have to work? Is it for intensive daily use or just for decoration?

Some restorers try to make a telephone look as new as possible, even newer that when it left the factory. I like to leave the patina of age. A little wear and tear give the telephone character.

Do you want me to restore you telephone?

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