I want my telephone restored

Standard 54 onderdelen
Standard 54 onderdelen

Would you like me to restore your phone? Unfortunately I no longer take on restoration projects for others. I got too many offers for projects that I did not enjoy and it took too much of my time. This left me too little time for my own projects.

I still can help you with repairs, connecting your phone and replacement parts. For repairs you can visit me in Leiden. It is free of charge, except for replacement parts.

Do not hesitate to send me an email. Do not forget to include some pictures. My email address is:





  1. Ik heb onderdelen voor je van een oude tel.iemand heeeft m helaas laten vallen. gratis onderdelen. geinteresseerd? Tefag..berliner miss tafemodel..v m n opa toneel requisiet toendertijd.tel is wel echt.wel helemaal kapot.

  2. Hi Arwin I have a green diakon/bakelite Ericsson phone that I acquired in Egypt – very similar to British GPO 332L there is a 1/4″ chip out of the front right corner and some gentle hairline cracks but overall a nice condition phone for it age – would you consider repairing the chip? I can send photos of course

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for your message. I have very little experience with colour matching, I’m afraid. Not enough to take on such a precious model. It would take me a lot of time and experiments before I would feel confident to take this one.

      By the way, diakon and bakelite would require different method, so it is important to determine what material it is made of.

      Have you tried Bob Angel?



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