Siemens & Halske Fg Tst 282 Rot


Welcome to my website. My name is ARWIN and I COLLECT and RESTORE antique telephones. I love HEEMAF telephones, especially the HEEMAF type 1955. I enjoy all kinds of prewar phones from HOLLAND made for PTT and by all kinds of manufacturers like SIEMENS & HALSKE and ERICSSON.  I have a room full of plastic, BAKELITE and METAL phones.  Besides that I collect RED TELEPHONES from all era’s and countries and phones that I find INTERESTING or just PLAIN FUN!

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  1. Our old rotary phone’s ringer volume suddenly went down to barely hearble. I checked the volume control knob under the phone and it is all the way up. Do you know why the volume suddenly went down?

    • Hi Jack, thanks for your question. Sorry for answering late. I was on vacation.

      There are several possible causes, but it is hard to say which one is the right one. I do not even know the model of the phone.

      Your telephone provider may have altered something. What kind of connection do you have? Old style copper wire? ADSL-modem? Glass fiber?

      There may be a bad connection or a short. Check the wiring, outside and inside.

      Perhaps something broke? A part or one of the ringing coils?


  2. I need the transmitter threaded cap and the curved mouthpiece for a Siemens & Halske W28 telephone. Can you help?

    • Hi John, not sure which specific parts you mean. The W28 can have several mouth pieces. I will send you an email.

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