Mytel Telemax

Mytel telemax open

A bendy phone was missing in my collection, so I bought this beauty. A bit of a gimmick, if you ask me. If you put it in the wall bracket, you have to straighten it otherwise it does not fit and the hook switch is not activated.

The front only says Telemax. I had to open it to learn more. That was a bit of a puzzle, as the screws are hidden under the rubber.

It turns out it was made by Mytel. It even says “property of Mytel” inside. Not sure what they meant by that. Did they rent it out? Why put this on the inside? Or is it Chinglish and did they mean to say they produced it?

Could not find a definite date. I would say 1980s. One component has a code that may be a date, but that would be 1975 and I feel that is a bit too early.

The phone is cheaply made. Mytel is by no means a high end producer.

Anyway, it works fine. It has a very high chirpy ringtone.