GNT F78 / GNA-Ericsson “Shannon”


From the 1990s? The 2000s? 1980s? No! This model is from 1978. By its design far ahead of its time. Its minimalistic design has a large flat surface which makes it adaptable for all kinds of extra buttons and the functionality that goes with them. No wonder there are many different versions, especially in Denmark where its design originated.

Initially made by GNT-Automatic in Denmark it was produced for the Danish telephone authorities like JYDSK, Fyns and P&T. GNT stands for Grand Northern Telegraph and this Denmark based company had been around for a long time, mainly producing for the Danish market.

The F78 was developed and introduced together with the Standard Electrik Kirk 76E to the same specifications and demands. Both companies came up with a very innovative design, that was very successful outside of Denmark too.

Other versions were the DK80 and the Denmark 1 to 3, for example. These versions have a different button lay out.

It’s design is by Henning Andreasen and this model is one of the few telephones in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

It was used and produced in other countries too. This particular red on is actually from Ireland, where it was named “Shannon”, and produced by GNA-Ericsson. In the Netherlands is was offered by PTT under the name “Kopenhagen”, in line with PTT practice to use names of cities, often referring to the country of origin of the design.

As a collector of red phones I was happy to acquire this red example. It must be said that although it has a # and * button, these have no function as it is a pulse dialling version.

I was lucky to find this red one in the city where I live. PTT did not have this model in red, so it is not easy to find one within a reasonable distance.

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