Siemens Masterset 111

Siemens Masterset 111
Siemens Masterset 111

Introduced in as early as 1973 this was a very modern telephone for its day. Clearly designed with push buttons in mind, initially there were only pulse dialling push button versions and rotary dial versions available. In 1976 a touch tone version was introduced. This telephone was in production for over 15 years, made in various countries and millions were manufactured.

Like the Trommelwähler and Fg Tist 282 Siemens again opted for a vertically placed handset. The standard version of this model had an earthing button and mechanical, metal bells. The last versions of this phone were fully electronic.

Many other models were developed from the Masterset 111, most of them having a horizontally placed handset.
Especially with the Bundespost there were many cousins in use, like the FeTAp 75 and 79.

Standard colours were pebble grey, fern green, red orange, beige and dark red. Other colours are also know, like blue and bright red.

In the Netherlands this model was used in the 1980s by PTT under the name “Hilversum”.

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