PTT T65 wenken voor de gebruiker (manual)

Manual for the T65. This is the original version from 1965. There is a later version from the 1970s which has a different styling and the text is less archaic. I have put a transcription of the text next to the scanned pages. I have tried to translate the text in English with the same old fashioned flavour as the original Dutch text. If you click on the pictures you will get a larger image.

PTT T65 Hints for the subscriber

PTT T65 Manual
PTT T65 Manual

PTT T65 Manual002You have at your disposal a type T65 telephone apparatus. On the following pages you will find some hints for the proper use of the apparatus. It is of some importance to you to take note of these hints.





PTT T65 Manual003

Transporting the apparatus

The apparatus has been equipped with a grip (see picture) at the rear, by which it can easily be lifted and transported.




PTT T65 Manual004Adjusting the volume level of the ringer

You can adjust the volume level of the ringer – while it is ringing – yourself by means of a small wheel at the underside of the apparatus. How to go about this is shown in the pictures:

1. lift the apparatus with the handset on hook and turn it the underside towards you;

2. turn the wheel until the desired volume is achieved.

PTT T65 Manual005replacing the number card

You can replace the number card (or write important telephone numbers like for example the fire service or the police on the already present number card) by removing the transparent plastic cap on the rotary dial. How to go about this is shown in the picture: flip up the cap by inserting a pointy object in the small groove on the rotary dial near the finger stop (see bleu arrow); the number card itself can be removed by means of the small tabs. After you have replaced the number card, you can secure the cap in place bt inserting both pins into the designated openings on the rotary dial (see picture) and press the cap until you here a soft click.

Do mind the correct orientation of the numbers!

Please make sure that the numbers you have added are indeed correct!

PTT T65 Manual006cleaning the apparatus

The apparatus is manufactured of a thermoplastic material. Cleaning this material requires some proper care. Wiping it with a dry cloth has the opposite result, because dust particles will be attracted more.You could better use a damp piece of cloth or an anti static cloth, like the kind used to clean grammophone records. Do not use rubbing wax or any other chemical compound; the thermoplastic material could be adversely affected.

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