Krone FTA 67.2

Krone FTA 67.2
Krone FTA 67.2
Krone FTA 67.1

This telephone is based on the Dutch T65. The T65 was developed by Krone, in cooperation with PTT (and commisioned by PTT).

Krone later designed a different body shell and handset for this Phone, resulting in the FTA 67.2 (other specimen are marked FTA 67.1). Almost all the components are identical: circuit board, dial, hookswitch, ringer, etc?

Krone FTA 67.1 zijkantThere are however a few differences: the shape of the handset, body shell, and finger wheel with cap.

Krone FTA 67.1 onderAlthough the body shell of the FTA 67.2 is a little bigger, the outline of the T65 is still visible on the bottom.

Krone FTA 67.1 achterThere weren’t many of these telephones made and an internet search for some reason gave a majority of hits in Finland.

The Phone was made in grey, orange salmon, olive green, turqoise and transparant.

The 67 in the name presumably stands for 1967 as the year of introduction.