Siemen & Halske VSa tist 66 L4 (Modell 27/W28) Rijkstelefoon

VSa tist 66 L4
VSa tist 66 L4

VSa tist 66 L4 achterMade for the Rijkstelefoon (Emperial Telephone service), a predecessor of the PTT, it has a very nice coat of arms of the Netherlands on the back.

This telephone has a production code of BL7 = Berlin 1930, juli.
It is often called W28 or Modell 28, although Siemens & Halske called it the Modell 27.

VSa tist 66 L4 zijkantThere is nothing printed on the side, nor is there a small shield with the Rijkstelefoon logo like with the Heemaf built telephones.

I already had one of those, but this one is in far better condition and is in a more original state (dial, handset, line cord)!
VSa tist 66 L4 onderzijdePlease note that this telephone also has a threaded hole in the base plate for mounting it on a stand, like on a Heemaf 1931.

VSa tist 66 L4 binnenkantI have made some picture comparing the 2 examples of this phone that I have at this moment (sept 2015).

VSa tist 66 L4 DiagramAnd of course there is a nice diagram on the inside of the base plate (identical on both telephones).