Borck & Goldschmidt W28

B&G W28
B&G W28

W28 by Borck & Goldschmidt.

Year of production on the capacitor is 1929.




B&G W28
B&G W28


    • Hi Vasili, thank you for the picture you sent through facebook. Yours is a Siemens & Halske telephone from the early 30s. Not a W28 (the handset cord does not enter from the left side, but from the back).
      The exact type should be on the bottom. Probably VSa Tist 66 followed by a letter. This phone is from Bulgaria and the writing is from communist times. Is there a coat of arms on the back?
      The exact value is hard to tell. It very much depends on the condition.
      Regards, Arwin

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