Little treasure, completing my Heemaf wall bracket

Heemaf 1931 op console
Heemaf 1931 op console

Load of stuffLast weekend I bought a huge load of boxes with stuff from a collector, who was scaling down his activities and collection. A lot of literature, papers, technical drawings, but also 2 telephones and a load of handsets, dials and miscelanious parts.

Now I am having a great time going through that and finding lots of really nice things.

RT Kapje (1)So last saturday I noticed this cap. Nice, marked RT for Rijkstelefoondienst, which was absorbed into PTT in 1935. But it was just a cap, so moderately interesting.

RT Kapje (2)Last night I found the housing for a little metal terminal box. And suddenly the coin dropped. Not only did that belong to the cap, but it would probably fit something that was lacking precisely such a terminal box!

RT Kapje (3)Excited I retreived my Heemaf 1931 wall bracket. I got this bracket earlier this year. It is a very rare item, so I was lucky and very happy to get one.

Heemaf console (2)I knew it was missing a little terminal box at the top, but I did not know which model. I tried all the ones I had, but none fit.

Heemaf console (3)And this one did! Hurrah! Completion!

This is going to be a great project to restore!


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