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  1. Hello Arwin, I cleaned my Heemaf 1955 desktop phone, but I had difficulties to take off the plungers and earth button; from the picture above you seem can take off the metal ring that keeps the buttons in place (the plungers and earth button have the same metal ring in my phone)
    Does it need special technique to take it off? I tried to pull it but it was so hard I’m afraid it would damage the button.

    Alvast bedankt,

    • Hi Danny, thank you for your comment. These rings are spring clips. You can remove them by sticking a small screwdriver between them and click them off.

      The only special technique I can recommend is to put a finger on the clip when you do this, otherwise you end up searching said clip on the other side of the room for a couple of hours.


      • OMG YES thank you so much! As you said to use screwdriver, there is a part in the ring that you can put a screwdriver in it and use it to pull the ring. It was hard at first, but when I saw a movement I was confident enough to pull it and it was totally safe 🙂 I cleaned my earthing button and it white clean like new (y)

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