(English) Adjusting ringer bells

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  1. Hello Arwin, I have a question regarding the ringer. I have several telephones, some of them will ‘ding’ (it seems the clapper is moving to left/right) if I lift the receiver from the cradle or if I put it back, but some phones don’t. Is this a feature specifically for some phone models or we can set this? I think that’s lovely to have it ‘ding’ once we lift/put the receiver 🙂

    • Hi Danny, it is common very very old phones. Around the 1920s a bias spring was introduced, preventing that ting. Later it was also suppressed with clever switching in the hookswitch.

      Sometimes the timing in the hookswitch is off. You can adjust the spring contacts so that the ringer is disconnected first before the dial and handset are switched on when the handset is picked up. If it is the other way around you get this ting.


      • Hi Arwin, thank you for you response! I see.. then my wish to have ‘ding’ when the receiver is lifted or put back seems a glitch in a phone 😀 (means that the spring/switching is not working properly)

        Anyway regarding this ting, I have paralleled phone system in my house to three lines, two lines using old rotary phones, and the other is modern touch phone. Whether I dial using one of the rotary phones, the other rotary phone is making this ding/ring depends on the number I dial; the bigger the number the longer it dings. I think this is related to the pulse generated by the phone, and transferred to other phone.
        Is this normal..? (thats why old homes only have one phone line) or there is something I can do to prevent this? (other than using PABX hehe)

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