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  1. Dear Arwin, this is a great essay about the 282. I admire your site, and I love this phone, too. – The sound quality had been improved by making use of special contact material in the hookswitch contacts (“Sonderkontaktwerkstoff”) and by the new dynamic receiver capsule Fg tph 57 (instead of the old magnetic Fg tph 10 from the W48). The bare wiring, however, had been used in order to save money because the process of wiring and soldering became much quicker.

    • Thanks very much Stephan.
      I will add the additional information to the description of this type elsewhere on my site.
      I am going to update that piece when I have all colours. There is a white one underway. 🙂

  2. Nice post Arwin. I have the black Fg Tist 261 and I am trying to fix it to make work. I got the same passion which you have. Could you advise on where to get the right schematic for the headset connection? Also I am planning to change the line cord to RJ11 4P4C type in order to work with modern line. Kindly advise. Thank you and best regards.. Sara

    • Hi Sara, I’m not a big fan of changing cords. Newer cords tend to look out of place, not in character with the phone. What is on the other end of your cord? A plug? Terminal box? Nothing, just frayed wires? 🙂

      Regards, Arwin

  3. I, as you probably know, in between own all colors exept from the green one. Your story seems to be exactly mine cause i find myself addicted to that phone, it is so cute. At the moment i am reinstalling the original braided cords and got rid of the to me ugly modern spirale types. Trying to adapt the colors that would fit to the color of the mother. That is dark brown for the red, grey for the grey, dark grey for the one with the dark receiver and ivory for the ivory one. Looks marvelous. First i was afraid of exchanging the receiver cords but it worked out fantastically easy.

    • Thanks Christoph. I saw the pictures on line and the result looked great. Hard to tell the difference between the new cords and the originals.
      Regards, Arwin

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