Restoring a special Ericsson type 1931 (DBH1001)

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam, I am Kelvin from HongKong. I just got one of this Ericsson type 1931(DBH1001)phone but it seems got trouble in wiring connection. It has no incoming ringing and can’t dialing out. It is appreciated if you have its circuit diagram or wiring connection diagram in hand and send me one copy. I am looking forward for your reply. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Kelvin, thank you for your comment. I will send you an email with the diagram for the DBH1001.
      But I must say that the DBH1001 is a version of the model 1931 without a dial.
      So please be aware that yours may not be a DBH1001 as this designation is often used incorrectly, nowadays, for all versions of the type 1931.
      Is there something on the underside of your phone that may indicate what specific type it is?

      • Hi Arwin, thank you so much for your prompt reply and your diagram has been received. Since I am not an expert nor collector, I have no idea of its actual model. I am going to send you some photos of this phone. Perhaps you may help to identify.
        Thanks again.


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