Restauratie van een Ericsson type 1951

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  1. vertaling voor wasbenzine ,Zippo lighter fluid.
    dit komt qua product eigenschappen in de buurt.
    Succes ,leuke site !

    • Dank je voor je reactie, Kees. Voor de vertaling heb ik Wikipedia aangehouden. Lighter fluid is hetzelfde als nafta en dat is weer een ander oplosmiddel. Mogelijk krijg je daar hetzelfde resultaat mee, maar dat heb ik nou eenmaal niet gebruikt.

  2. Hi, I have a very similar phone to this the microphone is not working, rings, dials fine.. So I was going to change it to a electronic mic, which one will I need? Thanks

    • Hi Kirsty, an electronic microphone will not work. It needs additional circuitry to make that work.
      The original carbon microphone modulates the current passing through it with the sounds it pics up. An electronic microphone generates a weak current with the sounds it picks up. The current it generates is too weak for telephone circuitry.
      I have a replacement microphone if you like, for 10 e excl shipping.
      Please send me an email on

  3. Thank you this post. I am a collector who thinking to begin to start in rotary telephone repairing and I find the most difficult part is how to remove the cover without breaking something. My next fear is I am afraid to damage something that is originally was working. Please advise.

    • Hi Sara, start easy and do not disassemble too much. Especially if the phone works fine. It can only get worse. 🙂
      Of course it is a different story when the phone is broken and needing repair.
      If you are not sure, ask around. Sometimes there is a trick.
      There are several forums on line, where you can ask your questions. And of course there are several groups on facebook, like mine:
      You’re welcome to join.


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