Hoe repareer ik bakeliet waar een chip uit is?

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  1. Really bravoo that’s is great because the restoration my hobby about 30 years ago and i did that i lot times with bakelite without to learn but when i saw some one do that really i am happy because some people did right thing in the world. Hope you good luck

  2. That is a beautiful fix! I collect/hoard/restore old radios and vintage electronics, and this method works perfect,I tried it on restoring a rotary knob I could not find a replacement for, and your process worked just as good in that application! It is even machinable and can be polished a bit after.

    Thanks for sharing a great tip!

  3. wauw geweldig! zo eenvoudig en met zo’n goed resultaat. Ik heb een nog functionerende telefoon, dus goed om te weten dat dit nog kan. Bedankt voor de goede en gedetaileerde uitleg!

  4. I have an old Bakelite mahjong with two chipped tiles. Would you be willing to try to repair the chips? I’m not handy so I’m afraid to try this myself.

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you for your message. I’m sorry, I have very little time for anything besides phones. I cannot find the time to repair your tiles.

      I doubt that it would be economic to have them repaired by me anyway. Nor would the repair withstand actually playing with these tiles.



  5. I have a brown bakelite radio which had a large piece broken. I glued that in place (using very runny cyanoacrylate glue and corn starch, a trick I learned from joining Corian. The corn starch acts both as structural filler and provides capillary action to draw the glue in).

    Now that it is set, I am wondering how I may hide the crack line and fill in the few missing chipped bits. I thought perhaps I should cut a piece of Bakelite from an invisible part, grind it to a very fine powder, sprinkle and pack it tight into the crack line then whisk in some cyanoacrylate. Once it sets, I will sand it smooth.

    How do you gage my chances of success?

    • Hi Alain, mixing bakelite powder with glue, to match the colour is a method I have heared about. I do not have much experience with it myself, certainly not with colours other than black.
      I would try a drop with powder on the inside, to see if the colour really matches. If it does, it should be possible to make the crack and chips disappear.

  6. I have a toaster of bakalite and steel mix.
    Suddenly todter fell down and one side handle of The toaster is broken. How to repair bakalite handle of toaster. Please suggest me.

    • Hi Sachin, that very much depends on the type of handle. I would use superglue (Cyanoacrylate). But as it is a handle and I do not know what it looks like, I do not know if a repair like that is solid enough for the handle to be used without breaking again easily.
      You could reinforce the repair by drilling small holes in both piece and fitting a metal reinforcing bar.

      Or, if the model is not too uncommon, source a replacement handle from somewhere.


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