(English) Bleaching yellowed plastic

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  1. I have tried a similar process on some very yellowed air vents, I filled a laundry tub with 50% bleach and 50% water, after soaking for a full day the plastic is still a bit yellow but only half as bad as before. Do you recommend trying to let it soak a few more times? I think the problem may be the lack of sunlight in the laundry.

    • Hi Ben, thank you for your message. Light is an important ingredient for the process, so a transparent container is recommended.
      If you are going to give it another turn, please was the parts well. The detergent forms a residue on the plastic and it builds up after each soak. And the more it builds up, the harder it is to remove.

  2. Hello,I have just received a really nasty yellow( meant to be creamy white) Marybelle phone. It is so dark I just don’t know where to begin and can’t soak it. Any ideas?

    • Hi Tania, not sure what a Marybelle telephone is and what it is made of.
      If you want to do something about the discolouration properly, you will need to take it apart. I any case you will need to wash the parts of the body shell.

      I do not know what material your phone is made of. Bakelite? Plastic? Marble?


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