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  1. Are there variants to the T65, as there are for the FeTAp, like the FeTAp 616, the RüAp 61, the FeTAp 611 GbAnz etc?

  2. Nice article Arwin.
    To me is alzó similar the shape of the T65 to the spanish Heraldo; and the Assistant to the japanese OKI-600

    • The Spanish Heraldo is also derived from the Assistent. So the body shell has the exact same shape. The inside and underside are quite different, though.

  3. Very nice article! Thanks for sharing. I am a T65 fan, I have the orange, gray, red, green, and ivory variants. There are also variants of some of the colors, like a black or colored “ground button”, I guess it depends on the year. I grew up in Argentina and we had the Argentinian version of the FeTAp 61, manufactured in Argentina by C.E.S.A. (Compañía Standard Electric Argentina), the later ones also had a “SIEMENS” brand on the label, which I guess is how it was licensed.

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