Privacy Policy

Yes, I use some personal data for my web site. It is just what is filled in on the comment form. It is the name (free text), email address and IP number.

These need to be filled in so:

  • it is harder to leave a nonsense comment. This helps keeping spammers out. FYI: every day there are several attempts to post a spam message on my web site.
  • I can, if needed, contact you. Often people ask a question in the comment form and it is easier to ask them for pictures via email to be able to help them with their problem.

The personal date is not shared with 3rd parties. This website is run by me, Arwin and I am the only one with access to it.
I have a decent fire wall in my website, beside which my hosting provider has numerous security protocols and software, such as a rigorous policy with regards to usernames, passwords and security software. They also make sure all software is up to date.

Any questions? Please contact me through


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