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Welcome to my website. My name is ARWIN and I COLLECT and RESTORE antique telephones. I love HEEMAF telephones, especially the HEEMAF type 1955. I enjoy all kinds of prewar phones from HOLLAND made for PTT and by all kinds of manufacturers like SIEMENS & HALSKE and ERICSSON.  I have a room full of plastic, BAKELITE and METAL phones.  Besides that I collect RED TELEPHONES from all era’s and countries and phones that I find INTERESTING or just PLAIN FUN!

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  1. Hello Arwin, congratulations on your hobby. I believe you can help me. My 84yr old aunt has dropped her an old GNT Automatic A/S F78 phone and now only pulses decade. It used to work on Dtmf. Would you know where the switch is. She can receive calls. There are two switches on the back, but it does not enable DTMF. I am trying to help her remotely, she lives 3hrs away. I could not find an instruction manual. I hope your knowledge and kindness can help. Thank you Joe

    • Hi Joe, thanks for your message. I have tried to look for my own specimen of this telephone, but I cannot find it at the moment. We are having building work done to our house and a lot of my telephone stuff is packed in boxes.
      Besides that, I have the PTT version and it is technically a little different from yours. The PTT version has an extra row of buttons, marked P, D, H and . (dot). These are for programming the memory and if I recall correctly to adjust settings like the method of dialling.
      So I’m afraid at the moment I do not know how to adjust the regular GNT Automatic F78.
      I suggest you try combinations of the * and # key with the others. Luke * and 1, * and 2 etc etc with the handset at your ear. If you change a setting, you will probably hear some kind of sound on the receiver.
      Sorry, I cannot help you any further.

  2. My grandfather had a german phone on his shelf in the study when I was a child. It had a card on it that read “Hitler’s Telephone. No Kidding.” My uncle still has this phone that was from Hitler’s home as the story goes. I have several photographs and would like to send them to you for inspection.
    Thank you.

  3. Hoi Arwin,

    Een tijdje terug hadden we contact over een wandtelefoon die je op marktplaats had. Bij toeval heb ik via mijn oma nu een RTT56B verkregen, een mooi model van Belgische makelaardij die jij ook op je website hebt.

    Het lukt om hem aan te sluiten met de Ziggo modem en je krijgt ook verbinding, maar de bel doet het niet. Ik heb de stekker aangepast zoals je op de site hebt staan, maar nog gaat hij niet over. Ik vermoed dat dit te maken heeft met het hoge voltage dat de bijl nodig heeft en niet via de modem geboden wordt.

    Weet jij hier een oplossing voor?

    Bij voorbaat dank voor je advies!

    • Hoi Cock,

      Bedankt voor je berichten. Ik ben op dit moment op vakantie, dus kan maar beperkt internetten. Antwoorden komen dus niet snel.

      Wat voor kabel of snoer wil je er op aansluiten? Een RJ11 snoer? Of heb je er zoeentje met een ouderwets PTT-snoer?



  4. Hi Arwin … I have a PPT Sstandard SSB51553 phone .

    It works perfectly .. can receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls

    Only problem is .. it doesn’t ring when there is incoming calls

    Can you help ?

    • Hi Alvin, yes it is a common problem. You need to make a wire bridge/connection between the B terminal en the EW terminal. On your particular model it would be between terminal 9 and 10 on the terminal block.

    • Hi Israr, thanks for your comment. I will send you an email. But as long as I do not know which type of phone you have, there is little I can do.
      I suggest you first send me a picture of your phone.
      Best regards,

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